a poem

"I thought that was the life!"
Finger’s touching my lips...
Silent music of love
Sounds too cheap as a tip...

Leaving stories behind
At the ‘broken-lock’ door,
I b’lieved love wouldn’t die
Now it’s left on the floor…

Dreams became shooting stars,
Fall’n from heaven to earth...
No more warmth and no trust…
Feels like lost universe.

You’re my best memories
That I’ll carry through life.
Does it really exist?
Funny feeling called love?

I won’t tell you good-bye
There’s no need… what’s it for?
Don’t forget guys don’t cry!
Guys don’t cry anymore...

работаем над музыкой, возможно, скоро это будет песней...

September 07, 2011
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i'd say it's heart-broken)
that's depressing...