Games, we play them, yes
Thinking thoroughly, taking guess
Swallowed by them, what a mess
All that’s really sounding brass.

Does that make our life more fun?
Time is short and soon it’s gone
Is it wasted spent ‘n life’s game?
What we’ll think when all is done?

Simplicity is simply boring
But simple laws keep this life going
Get too complex and you’ll be mourning
You’ll fall asleep only by morning.

Games we play from time to time
Get life turned in empty chime.
What you earn through games is lime
And don’t worth a half a dime.

God does what he wants to do
Psalm one fifteen, verse after two*
We’re His image, so should do that, too
But first develop His character in you.

Children give a real great lesson
Feel, do what they want, not lesser
Jesus told to be just like them
Not play games, seek flaws, seem better.

Let’s be real with real feelings
If we love, why should we cover?
Just give in it, don’t be scared
Dive, let go – He’ll take care.

* Reference given according to Hebrew verse layout. Slavic version – Ps. 113:11

March 11, 2010
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