The richest man in the world.

Many people think I'm poor.
I will tell you, it's not true!
I am rich! Rich in the Lord!
Doesn't matter what thinks the world!

I was blessed in many ways!-
God is blessing by his grace!
And I don't think I am poor,
I am rich! I know the truth!

Many think that wealth is money
Well, for me it's sounds so funny
And I'm sure it's silly thought.
You know, our lifes, here, is too short!

Who knows what'll happen soon?
Our lives are changing as the Moon.
And what we'll have? Well, maybe sorrow,
Because who knows who'll die tomorrow?!

And probably we won't be safe!
And what you'll take with you to grave?
You'll lose the money! Won't it work!
You'll not take even bottle - cork!..

But I am rich! With friends and joy,
I'm rich in God! I've made my choice!
God gives me money when I need
And thanks to him, for all he did!

He cares for me and gives me strength!
And you can also use this chance,
To be so rich! Rich in the Lord,
But not with things with which is rich the world...
* * *
And money spoils people
Don't tell me that is not!
Yes, money sometimes needful,
But the most needful for us is only God!

March 11, 2010
© Copyright 2019, Поэзия для Христа [].


Good thing.... Good luck, guy.... I hope it is real rule for you...